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Essay/Term paper: Personal identity

But what if only one such being were created? Y is identical with X if and only Y is derived continuously from X by gradual changes in matter, keeping the form of the object the same Motivation: If we found that the water of a certain river was of a decidedly different quality, or it suddenly had entirely different fish, or our fishing hole was no longer there, etc.

For example, it avoids a subjective criterion of personal identity such as what you can remember by requiring states of affairs to comprise or designate personhood. Or is it an empirical correlation, a well-confirmed regularity, known through experience that holds on earth but does not have to true everywhere else such as in heaven?

Instead, we think and speak of persons having memories or persons developing character traits. For memories, she thinks, must be caused in the right way and she thinks that they would not be caused in the right way in this case.

This, then, requires Baker to affirm the indeterminate nature of personal existence. Weirob however, further argues that even though there exists an immortal soul as other philosophers claim, the said factor of human life [soul] cannot account for identity unlike how people could do as they live.

Survival is identity with a future person The fact that there has to be a certain connection between the events and the physical experiences that a person passes through life makes the possibility of a life after death experience, or the idea of an immortal soul a possible matter at that.

Psychologically they are indiscernible, and the persons themselves may have no idea which brain they have received. According to Miller, the identity of person could only be tracked down through memory. Rather, what makes something the same road is that it is connected in the right way by continuous road bits--e.

If I lose my memories, do I stop being me? Whereas remembering pertains to the ability of the person to recall the exact things as it all happened to him during an earlier part of his life.

Scottish philosopher Thomas Reid developed a similar, and famous, challenge to the memory continuity view against John Locke. So suggesting that the body is identical to the self seems to undermine basic assumptions a person has of their self. So, the same person, Julia, had two bodies.

Substance dualism says that an organism consists of two fundamentally different types of substances. I cannot, for example, see or sense that your soul is here--indeed, souls are just the sort of thing that one cannot see or sense! But I seemed unable to catch up. That is, since rivers run, there will always be different waters flowing through the same river over time.

Essay/Term paper: Personal identity

In BJ, an exact psychological copy of a brain is made even though the copy may differ from the original in some physical respects. This presents a problem with the memory view because we know that Bartholomew is not Algernon, and Bartholomew has not done the things he now remembers having done.

Consider waking up; now surely we can tell who we are before or independently of considering what body we happen to possess. No authority can prove it.Perry's book A Dialogue on Personal Identity and Immortality deals with standard problems in the theory of personal identity in the form of a dialogue between a mortally wounded university professor, Gretchen Weirob, and her two friends, Sam Miller and Dave Cohen.

In Perry’s Dialogue on Personal Identity and Immortality, Gretchen is dying and used her last days engaging in a philosophical debate with Sam over immortality or life after death.

What’s So Simple About Personal Identity?

In this essay, I will present and compare both sides of the debating argument of immortality. In this paper, I offer an explication of John Perry’s arguments on pages of his Dialogue on Personal Identity and Immortality. In this excerpt from the dialogue, the two primary characters, Miller and Weirob, engage in discussion dealing with the connection between memory, identity, and survival.

Personal Identity and Immortality I. Some Background (A) The Self Dialogue.) (3) Animalism: you are the same person over time if and only if there is a continuity of your organism. (Think of the identity of any animal or any organism.

personal identity consists in sameness of immaterial soul.”) (B) Second Night. Dialogue of Personal Identity and Immortality Words | 3 Pages In Perry’s Dialogue on Personal Identity and Immortality there is a conversation between three characters that lasted over a.

In John Perry's "A Dialogue on Personal Identity and Immortality" these composing aspects of personal identity are discussed at length. In the reading and class discussions the body was defined clearly as a Essay - Personal identity is a very controversial aspect of life.

Who are we. What defines us.

A dialogue on personal identity and immortality essay
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