Characteristic of dryden age

But its representatives were the defining voices in literary circles, and as a result it is often some aspect of 'neoclassicism' which is used to describe the era.

He soon revealed his Roman Catholic prejudices and he secretly tried to establish Catholicism in the country.

Restoration literature

The diaries of the period are important in terms of style and new form. They are shown with unemotional frankness. It was only second rate because it had not the universal appeal of the poetry of the Elizabethan age of Milton and of the romantics later on.

These deep and vigorous movements brought about certain changes in the inner social life. Age of Johnson The age of Samuel Johnson, from to aboutwas a time of changing literary ideals.

Since they lacked creativity and flight of imagination, they abandoned freedom altogether and slavishly followed the rules. Two schools in poetry rejected many of the precepts of decorum advocated by the neoclassical writers and anticipated several of the themes of Romanticism.

Finally, the great philosophical and political treatises of the time emphasize rationalism. In Dryden celebrated the Restoration of the monarchy and the return of Charles II with Astraea Reduxan authentic royalist panegyric.

The ladies as well as the gallant young men were fickle-minded, inconsistent, unreliable frankly trivializing valuable human relationship.

Definition and Characteristics of Neoclassical Poetry

Lady Elizabeth bore three sons and outlived her husband. As they were Characteristic of dryden age highly educated and well-versed in various fields of studies, they knew a lot about religious, biblical and classical literature.

He was a second cousin once removed of Jonathan Swift. The early Restoration writers presented the realistic picture of a corrupt court and society. Pope is the protagonist of a whole age, of an attitude of mind and manner of writing.

Along with Astraea Redux, Dryden welcomed the new regime with two more panegyrics: The following are the chief feature of the period: As a historical document it provides an interesting view of the life of Restoration London. Fashionable intrigues, sex, marriage and adultery were treated with cynicism, with worldly wit and a sense of the comedy of life.

As Charles II had no legitimate heir, it was certain that after him his brother James, a Catholic, would succeed to the throne. Source Definition of Neoclassicism First of all, it is mandatory to know about the etymology of the word Neoclassicism.

Its focus mainly captures the typical features of the aristocratic class of its time. It does not have the poetic glow, the spiritual fervor, the moral loftiness and philosophical depth which were sadly lacking in the Restoration period.

No great English poet is at once so great and so empty, so artistic and yet so void of the ideal on which all high art rests.

The amorality associated with the one and the stubborn narrowness of the other should disappear. The writers, both in prose and poetry, tacitly agreed upon the rules and principles in accordance with which they should write.

Like Hobbes, they saw only the externals of man, his body and appetites, not his soul and his ideals…. In addition, the ideals of impartial investigation and scientific experimentation promulgated by the newly founded Royal Society of London for Improving Natural Knowledge established in were influential in the development of clear and simple prose as an instrument of rational communication.

They were hard realists and they presented the true picture of their society. The ladies of the time loved being wooed and playing coquets to the gentlemen. As a boy Dryden lived in the nearby village of Titchmarshwhere it is likely that he received his first education.

Vice is a monster of so frightful mien, As to be hated needs but to be seen; Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face, We first endure, then pity, then embrace.The period from to is known as the Restoration period or the Age of Dryden.

Dryden was the representative writer of this period. The restoration of King Charles II in marks the beginning of a new era both in the life and the literature of England.

John Dryden (/ ˈ d r aɪ d ən /; 19 August [O.S. 9 August] – 12 May [O.S. 1 May] ) was an English poet, literary critic, translator, and playwright who was made England's first Poet Laureate in He is seen as dominating the literary life of Restoration England to such a point that the period came to be known in literary circles as the Age of Dryden.

John Dryden, John Bunyan, Hobbes, Locke, Temple etc.

THE RESTORATION PERIOD AND THE 18TH CENTURY-Age of Dryden,Age of Pope,Age of Johnson referat

were eminent prose writers of this age. Congreve, Etherege and Whycherly were the eminent writers of comedy of manners. Congreve, Etherege and Whycherly were the eminent writers of comedy of manners. CHARACTERISTICS OF THE CLASSICAL SCHOOL OF POETRY: The chief characteristics of poetry in the age of Dryden and Pope are as follows: • 1.

Classical poetry is, in the main, the product of mere intelligence playing upon the. May 24,  · THE MOST REMARKABLE LITERARY FIGURE OF RESTORATION PERIOD: JOHN DRYDEN. literary figure.

John Dryden

The range of Dryden’s works is, indeed, truly remarkable. There is perhaps, no popular branch of his age that Dryden has not treated effectively and left distinct impressions.

John Dryden

just as every epic hero has a defining characteristic. John Dryden (/ ˈ d r aɪ d ən /; 19 August [O.S. 9 August] – 12 May [O.S. 1 May] ) was an English poet, literary critic, translator, and playwright who was made England's first Poet Laureate in

Characteristic of dryden age
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