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The people would go to the circus or the amphitheatre and watch chariot races or gladiatorial fights to the death. Ancient Roman terms were also a place, where Romans came to relax and enjoy life.

The colosseum opened in A. The food was spicy and served medieval style, people sat around lounging couches on pedestal tables. The baths of Diocletian were even grander.

Many people were invited; even the lower class was invited and treated equal. Accompanied by a slave carrying their towels, oil flasks and strigils, bathers would progress at a leisurely pace through rooms of various temperature. A visitor would spend some of his time in each one before leaving.

Ancient Roman Entertainment Many Roman citizens had a lot of free time, because they had their slaves to work for them. With the desire for even greater heat, another special room was developed known as the laconicum.

Inthe opera stage was dismantled and modern visitor facilities were added to the baths. Mosaics made of glass covered the floors and the ceilings. Romans enjoyed being entertained similar to today society. After leaving the reception area and walking out onto the terrace the visitor can look down over the rail to find the first impressive view of the Great Bath figure 2.

The Romans also were very interested in baths. Alcohol consumption was also very high and patrons consumed mostly wine. The entire structure above the level of the pillar bases is a later construction and was not a feature of the building in Roman days.

The Saxons and their pagan religion prevailed until the Norman Conquest of As they demanded more variety in the death-struggles, they used fights between animals and men, between larger groups of men, and eventually even waged small sea battles by flooding the arena.

Although one cannot bathe in the baths today, a visit to the renovated area is an exciting and interesting experience.

The Greeks built philosophies, and the Romans built roads. The essential characteristic of the Roman civilization was practicality: You would then jump into the cold bath called the Frigidarium.

Or I might notice some lazy fellow, content with a cheap rub-down, and hear the blows of the hand slapping his shoulders. This room contained many shelves and cubbyholes where a visitor to the bath could store his belongings "History of Ancient Roman Baths".

Much of the instruction was done by Greek slaves, who had a broader education than the Romans. Many Romans viewed the springs as sacred and threw valuable items into the springs to please the gods. This was done by using a furnace and the hypocaust system carried the heat around the complex.

Roman Baths

Political corruption grew with the luxury, and the old Roman ideals of patriotism and self-sacrifice died.

Despite laws setting limits on earnings, many gladiators earned large sums and could buy freedom. The apodyterium was similar to a modern day locker room. Here people could relax, keep clean and keep up with the latest news.

The Large Frigidarium Although Bath was never a major city in the Roman Empire, its baths were built on a large scale to satisfy the great number of visitors and the permanent residents. He could then do some exercising to work up a sweat before moving into the tepidarium which would prepare him for the caldarium which was more or less like a modern sauna.

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