Php front controller re write a sentence

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Actually calling method from another class is not a big deal but fulfillment of method request is a actually task if post request you are using in called controller method. Another word already in use within the IT community is 'entity', so I shall use that.

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htaccess rewrite - not rewriting to I am trying to install a php application that rewrites all url requests to (front controller pattern).

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@Farhan If you need to re-write code in different controllers, then the answer is to not call controller methods in other controllers. That’s a sign you need to re-factor and move code to a service or some other class that can be shared between controllers. The Front Controller¶. Up until now, our application is simplistic as there is only one page.

To spice things up a little bit, let's go crazy and add another page that says goodbye.

Php front controller re write a sentence
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