Russian police routinely torture or abuse around half of their suspects with electroshock and asphyx

In his Reports on Mexico, Venezuela and Chile, the Special Rapporteur noted that detainees were routinely tortured in ways that would leave no marks, with attempted suffocation by plastic bags and electric shock being commonly utilized in interrogations for that purpose.

When they scream in terror due to the darkness blackouts are common and the heat, they are injected sedatives that keep them half-drugged. Burnett and Peel, BMJ. Substantial cooperation between states in the methods and coordination of torture has been documented. Most people being tortured for information, especially those who have not been trained in resisting torture techniques i.

Severe beatings often proved fatal or caused brain and organ damage and prisoners were frequently confined in small spaces without light for years and deprived of food and water.

And this is what they usedI mean anybody's just going to say anything in a situation like this to get answers out of him. One major concern of the military leaders was what effect this action would have on those members of the U.

Torture and Testicle Crushing at Nuremberg

Immediate responsibility for the suffering of these seven Russian men lies of course with the Russian government.

Torture does not generally consist of only one short session. Families can't cope with that.

U.S. Torture: A Sordid History Of Official And Systematic Abuse

Too bad, he died before we got much out of him. On the basis of his false confession and apology induced identification, Walden was convicted and sentenced to seventy-five years in prison. The food distributed to them is terrible, smells rotten, and is stored in receptacles lacking in hygiene.

Inthe ten amendments known as the Bill of Rights were added to the U. Part 2 of Article 21 of the Constitution states that "no one may be subjected to torture, violence or any other harsh or humiliating treatment or punishment…".

While torture victims may recover from the physical abuse over time, it is the psychological abuse that causes such deep scars that they often last a lifetime. On September 6,after years of denial, President Bush finally admitted that the U.

He then agreed to confess, and he was dragged in front of the victim and forced to apologize. Methods include beatings with cables, pulling out nails, suspension from the ceiling, flogging, kicking, cursing, electric shocks, sexual harassment and the threat of rape.

But by branding these seven men "terrorist suspects," the US government certainly rendered them more vulnerable targets for Russian abuse.

These governments have played, therefore, an indirect role in the shameless use of "diplomatic assurances" that is described in this report. Ishmuratov fled to Ukraine on January 27 and attempted to claim political asylum. No physical or mental torture nor any other form of coercion, may be inflicted on PoWs to secure from them information of any kind whatever.

Nevertheless, in the light of the evidence from this trial I do apologize on behalf of the army to those Iraqis who were abused and to the people of Iraq as a whole.

Electric shock techniques such as the use of stun belts and tasers have been considered appropriate provided that they are used to "control" prisoners or suspects, even non-violent ones, rather than to extract information.

After several months of being called in for increasingly aggressive questioning and harassment documented later in this reportIshmuratov was taken into custody on April 1,from the Bugulma mosque where he worked as a guard.

Regarding number four, hanging by limbs, this reminds me of a report by Human Rights Watch on torture in Egypt. They were the experts.

The Prohibition of Torture and Other Abusive Treatments

Dignan stood on his right foot, Byrne stood on his left, and Grunhard, reaching in from the rear door on the driver's side, held his wrists down on the seat. Baran suffered long-term damage to her arms, losing strength and movement in one arm, and the other suffering total paralysis [source: Other nations also make use of mock executions.

Some prisoners were blindfolded with one such prisoner shown standing on a box with his arms outstretched with what appears to be electric wires wrapped around his fingers and genitals. Many victims complained of being unable to walk after release from the chair, and over tightening of the straps has led to broken bones and blood clots.

The judge at the military court, Judge Advocate Michael Hunter, said of photographs and the soldier's behaviour: We said it to the Red Cross too, that we wanted to go to a third country, any Islamic country.

Pieces of the information may be true but how to separate the true statements from the false ones?

Uses of torture in recent times: Wikis

I can't take no more of this. Supreme Court has condemned the use of force amounting to torture and other ill treatment during interrogations.Leading a group of officers known as the Midnight Crew, Chicago police commander Jon Burge was alleged to have overseen the torture of more than black suspects – suffocating, beating.

Russian police routinely torture or abuse as many as half of their suspects, often using electroshock and asphyxiation techniques, a new study says. A two-year investigation by Human Rights Watch, an independent New York-based group, found disturbing evidence that Russian police.

The investigation found four cases in which a suspect leaped or fell from police windows, usually to escape torture.

One died and two were crippled for life. Most torture victims are unable to get access to doctors or forensic experts to document their injuries. Many doctors, afraid of the police, are reluctant to examine torture victims. The Russian delegation responded that the Russian Federation does not consider itself bound by the resolution.

In Octoberthe U.N. Human Rights Committee issued its first ruling against Russia since that country recognized in the individual right to petition. Around 1, protesters started to move from the square towards the Kremlin, but their path was blocked by police barriers put in place as part of a festival of historical costumes on Tverskaya.

MOSCOW — A Russian judge on Friday convicted eight defendants of rioting and assaulting police at a protest against Vladimir Putin, in what one of his leading critics called a "show trial.

Russian police routinely torture or abuse around half of their suspects with electroshock and asphyx
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