The revolution outcomes

The Russian Empire also had rising nationalistic sentiment from its conquered peoples in Poland, Finland, and other peripheral territories - mirrored by the divisions in China from its Warlord Era, after which the former warlords continued to have autonomy under the Kuomintang nationalists.

In those wars, a particular power or authority was removed or attempts were made to remove that authority with the intent to create a new style of government to rule the new territory and upset the previous power balance.

Stinchcombe followed the path of political sciences and looked at pluralist theory and interest group conflict theory.

October Revolution

From the late s a new body of scholarly work began questioning the dominance of the third generation's theories. FeierbrandJames A. It took him two weeks just to wright the draft! The communists, upon conquering Kuomintang territory, were able to gain the support of the peasantry through educational programs meant to train them in self-organization The revolution outcomes the promotion of communism.

Once again, as some politicians, namely Alexander Hamilton and John Adams, prophesied, they were back under the spectrum of despotism, but this time under Napoleon.

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Moreoever, as a result of the defeat of Germany in France, theywere able to to regain some territory lost at Brest-Litovsk,especially most of the Ukraine. If anything the American Revolution was a secessionist war or an independence struggle, much more akin to Mexican War of Independence and other similar post-colonial struggles for independence where the majority group in the colony was European or quasi-European like most of Latin American and some southern African countries.

To some, like Thomas Jefferson, the French Revolution was just the French embodying the American cause, and those who agreed with him gravitated towards the Democratic Republican party.

The Americans won with ease because Spain was left alone to fight. The annexation of Guam as a US Territory. In case it should so happen that any place or territory belonging to Great Britain or to the United States should have been conquered by the arms of either from the other before the arrival of the said Provisional Articles in America, it is agreed that the same shall be restored without difficulty and without requiring any compensation.

China Report, 23 2 President Santa Anna lost power in Mexico following thewar. Decrease in work ethics.

Interpreting the Russian and Chinese revolutions. They followed theories of cognitive psychology and frustration-aggression theory and saw the cause of revolution in the state of mind of the masses, and while they varied in their approach as to what exactly caused the people to revolt e.

Both of these events involved massive upheaval in government and socioeconomic class structures.

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In China, many of the unique parts of Maoism did not come into play until almost a decade after the revolution had yielded a stable government.

What was the outcome of the Cultural Revolution? Communist revolutions, as seen in Russia and China, tend to result in bureaucratic single-party states with a large emphasis on state-led economic development Skocpol,p.

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The fighting eventually subsided in One of Lenin's intentions was to present members of the Soviet congress, who would assemble that afternoon, with a fait accompli and thus forestall further debate on the wisdom or legitimacy of taking power.

Obviously, the English and American revolutions of and prefigure these changes, but it was the more universalist French… A larger population created a greater demand for food and consumer goods. History generally confirms this jaundiced view,however, now and then a revolution works out more successfully,replacing a corrupt government with a better government.

However, both revolutions shared an important aspect: Well, the American Revolution ended up with the United States. With the French Revolution began the institutionalization of secularized individualism in both social life and politics; individualism and rationality found expression in parliamentary government and written constitutionalism.

Many people claim that the Industrial Revolution has increased our laziness and lack of motivation. The outcome of the french revolution was the end of taxation without representation and also the peoples independence from the monarchy.

Certainly, Pipes is right in that Lenin did not intend for many nations to actually attempt to secede, as he was quick to label newly independent states as dominated by the bourgeoisie and no longer entitled to the privilege of self- determination.We published our initial paper setting out key questions in this area in early and received an inspirational set of responses, leading to a Big Debate in March The February Revolution had toppled Tsar Nicolas II of Russia, and replaced his government with the Russian Provisional calgaryrefugeehealth.comr, the provisional government was weak and riven by internal dissension.

It continued to wage World War I, which became increasingly unpopular.A nationwide crisis developed in Russia, affecting social, economic, and political relations. Cut your rubbish in half and reduce your carbon footprint.

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For example, the Massachusetts Minutemen who fired the first shots of the American Revolution at Lexington and Concord and their representatives in the Continental Congress likely had little idea that their rebellion against unfair British taxation would blossom into a country whose economic and military might is felt all over.

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The revolution outcomes
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